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Friday, 22 April 2011

Important Notice for PPG UB00102 Group 12

Subject: Important Notice for PPG UB00102 Group 12
Dear all,

Below are some important updates on the PPG UB00102 course:

As part of the online session requirements, you will be required to complete some online tasks and assignments for this course. These tasks and assignments will be posted on the Smart UMS link or emailed to you throughout the course. I will finalize and attach the assignment schedule in my future email.

In addition, there will also be live online sessions where we will all be online at the same time to carry out discussions and online sessions. Therefore, if you have problem with internet connection (eg. Your area has no internet network), please inform me earlier so that we could together think of a solution for you.

Right now, as I am not so sure how many of you are getting this email successfully, I would appreciate it very much if you could just email me to indicate that you have received this email and understood the contents.

Once I get the feedback from all of you, I’ll then post the tasks/assignments for you.

DICTIONARY - Compulsory

For your next lesson this coming June, please make sure that you bring along your dictionary for classroom activities. Pocket dictionary is not acceptable. Make sure you have an advanced learner dictionary that include pronunciation details.

Quizzes & Assignments - Compulsory

As per mentioned in class, please find below the new dates for :
Quizzes & Assignments
Quiz 1 (5%)
7 – 9 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Quiz 2 (5%)
10 – 12 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Quiz 3 (5%)
10 – 13 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Quiz 4 (5%)
14 – 16 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Quiz 5 (5%)
14 – 16 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Assignment 1 (10%)
17 – 19 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Assignment 2 (15%)
20 – 22 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Assignment 3 (20%)
23 – 25 Jun 2011
(8am – 10am)
Important: It is the students’ duties make sure that all quizzes and assignments are completed on time as per scheduled above. 
Late submission will be penalized.

Please reply to this mail as soon as possible once you have received it so that I know how many of you are reading this email notification. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards.

Ms. Priscilla Shak
Mobile: 013-8660609 (Mobile) or 
Office Tel.: 088-320000, Ext. 5328

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